Cranberry A2

A KotH map geared towards 6v6 play

  1. Velvott
    This is my first map made specifically for competitive play, namely 6v6.

    The theme of the map is that Red owns a cranberry farm and Blu a blueberry farm, and the main purpose of the facility is for mercenaries to kill each other in.

    Mid Flank
    20190522210348_1.jpg Health cubby 20190522210342_1.jpg Route of to the sniper balcony 20190522023625_1.jpg Transition from spawn courtyard to second courtyard 20190522023716_1.jpg Second courtyard 20190522023621_1.jpg Mid 20190522023634_1.jpg Building between mid and the second courtyard 20190522023641_1.jpg Spawn courtyard 20190522023613_1.jpg Inside mid building 20190522210402_1.jpg

    Comp-based feedback is greatly appreciated!

Recent Updates

  1. Nerfs and Buffs