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  1. zythe_

    Multi Stage purloin_s1 a5a

  2. zythe_

    zythe_mc8 a1

    xqc fart compilation
  3. Kosmix ♞

    FarmAssist A01a

    Currently in v Alpha 6. A farmland map mainly set between 2 buildings.
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    railgate a2

    Oh no! BLU accidentally set the train's path into RED's territory, and the RED team won't let the train pass. It's time for BLU to get the gate to open it manually by capping the point. But they'll have to be quick! We don't want the train to crash into the gate.
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    Siege Ohio a5a

    "Secure the objective" gamemode from Rainbow 6 Siege recreated in TF2! BLU team trying to attack RED farm building and secure the container As RED player, defend the container until certain amount of time or kill all BLU players! As BLU player, find the container and secure it or kill all RED...
  6. Cincomma

    Dryspell A3

    A map I originally made for the Back to Basics contest, but shelved thanks to feeling too unoriginal, now with a more interesting theme. I have no idea how this'll play, but let's find out! A1 Screenshots Comments and feedback are appreciated, take care.
  7. The original

    koth_Water_tower 2020-05-23

    a simple koth map with a pump as the centerpiece. this is my first atempt at map making so eny critiques are wanted.
  8. Oni134

    Side A2

    that farm is a spy
  9. Spleep

    Big Grain Sack V2

    This is a larger version of the granary prop grain_sack. It comes with 4 skins. 2 of which are the original skins for grain_sack and the other 2 being some custom skins I made. They are specifically made to mimic the size of the barrel_crate_half prop. This model was made by simply stretching...
  10. Spleep

    Porridge A4

    koth_porridge is farm themed, sawmill inspired koth map. I made the arena version over the course of a few weeks and discovered how weird the arena gamemode is. Needless to say, it is now a koth map.
  11. Spleep

    Porridge (OLD) A1

    arena_porridge is a harvest style, sawmill inspired arena map. It was developed over a few weeks, and I think it should play well. Might also work as a koth map. Don't ask why I called it porridge. NOTE: This map is now a koth map. The new version can be found here
  12. One Strange Cyka

    OakBarrel A5

    RED and BLU have clashed yet again to gain control of a dusty, once-great distillery. The map is rotationally symmetrical.
  13. zythe_

    muskox a7

    This is the muskox.
  14. zythe_

    unnamedsnow a1

    [SCREENSHOTS COMMING SOON] Name is obviously temporary. I tried myself at something that i dont see often or have never seen tried before. If the gamemode itself is fun and works well ill upload the prefab for it.
  15. Quoting

    koth_chaff a15

    Chaff is my first full map for TF2 although I have plenty of mapping experience in the CS:GO scene. I haven't played regularly in a while so I would appreciate all the help I can get in regards to balance!
  16. MegapiemanPHD

    Midwest rc1a

    Midwest Mills is a milling company being used as a front for RED team and hiding some kind of sci fi power source device that BLU really wants to destroy. PL_Midwest was my entry for the Back to Basics contest. It's a payload map designed to try to get the most out of it's space with a snaking...
  17. RetroNuva10

    koth_wintergraze a2

    RED and BLU attempt to control the barn in Wintergraze Farm. They must really like hay...
  18. zythe_

    Cornfield a11

    [screenshots very outdated] Cornfield is a map that i made within 4-ish days and decided to upload. Also don't mind the tag line...
  19. kazkazz

    koth_berryville b2a

    Berryville b2a - This map is made for Competitive and Casual play. I tend to make changes based on personal feedback, but leave your thoughts about this map in the comments.
  20. Cincomma

    Cranberry A2

    This is my first map made specifically for competitive play, namely 6v6. The theme of the map is that Red owns a cranberry farm and Blu a blueberry farm, and the main purpose of the facility is for mercenaries to kill each other in. Mid Flank Health cubby Route of to the sniper balcony...