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canyonplant a4

Two rival factories based in a badlands canyon.

RED and BLU have built rival factories wedged between the walls of a canyon, located just North of the Badwater Pipeline. The two competing teams have both dominated most of the canyon, and only a small platform in between the two fortresses remains untouched.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4 Update

    Changes: Rerouted flank to go underneath point Removed Hallway to Full Healthkit building Made side hallway in factory larger and more optimized
  2. Alpha 3 Update

    Changes: BLU spawn room works correctly Made large area with large ammopack smaller Added columns in place of turbine props Changed the cap from an enclosed shed to a raised platform Cap and respawn times are now shorter
  3. Alpha 2 update

    Got rid of: Back door exit from spawn Spire with large ammo pack Turbine props Path from spawn to enemy's side of the point Walls in the point building Added: New exit from spawn Shorter cap and respawn times Ramp up to second level in full...