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  1. ethosaur

    koth_sol b1

    Made for the TF2Maps 72hr Summer Jam. A symmetrical King Of The Hill map, set on a space station, orbiting the sun! Was inspired by the sun station from Outer Wilds a little bit. I may continue to update this after the Jam as ended, but so far I think it should be in a playable state! Very...
  2. ethosaur

    Slop & Slime Pack v1

    With this pack, you can also create maps in this style! Includes: -About 94 custom made, original assets, including remade TF2 items, such as item pickups, custom bomb model, resupply/battlements signs and resupply cabinet! -Prop zoo vmf -About 50+ Cartoony Textures Dont forget to check...
  3. ethosaur

    pl_slopandslime b2

    Slop & Slime?... in TF2? You heard it right! A new, and completely original, full-conversion TF2 Payload map! This is a little "made for fun" art project, or call it what you will, thing for TF2. I will continue to polish and update it with time when I can, however, I never really intended...
  4. ethosaur

    koth_coalyard a1

    Kinda messed this up a lot, doubt I will really finish it, but I guess we will see... Anyway, this was my quick attempt at trying to make something within the given timeframe for the 72hr jam! The map is not really playable yet, as it is missing many vital gameplay elements, such as clips...
  5. ethosaur

    sb_rockbottom 2021-08-27

    Port of the drunk driving section from PTSD 2 mod, made by me. Based on the Spongebob movie game, "Now that were men" level. (Original geometry/level design, but textures are from the game) This has been edited to function in TF2. Including red/blu spawns, pickups around the map, and spawn...
  6. ethosaur

    manor_of_mischief 2021-08-18

    This is a new map I've been working on for a while now: Manor of Mischief! My newest addition to my "manor of" series. New custom content, art, rooms, models, collectibles, and so much more, all ready to be explored with others! Features a lot of characters, drawings and models that I have...
  7. ethosaur

    trade_balloonfarm 2021-08-16

    Based on my original map from VRChat "Ethosaurs balloon farm" This is a recreation of that map, this was a quick 24 hour project I wanted to do, and here it is! Ride the balloon ride, run through the fields, or just enjoy the view of Balloon farm, now in TF2! Cozy...
  8. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun_fix 2021-08-14

    A more stable, and fixed version of manor_of_fun, this one should work on bigger servers, with more players and mods/plugins. The old manor, was unfortunately made at a time, where I didn't know how to optimize that well, and the entity limit was already almost full, so it often ended up in...
  9. ethosaur

    cp_bloodcrystal_event 2021-08-10

    An old capture/defense event map I made a while ago, with two stages. It's pretty buggy, unoptimized and probably not very balanced/well tested, but some may still find some fun in it! Made for 2015's community halloween event. This is a halloween reskin of my other map, cp_snowcrystal...
  10. ethosaur

    mannor_of_horrors 2021-08-04

    Old exploration/hangout map I made long ago, this is a first iteration of my manor_of_fun, that I made much later. I found it while looking around in my files. You might find some fun in it still though, so I decided to upload it here, for archival/history purposes. "New" manor map...
  11. ethosaur

    cp_alamo 2021-08-04

    Few years ago I made this 3cp map, tried to finish it to a playable state, but it lacks a lot of polish and gameplay fixes to this day still. You have to capture the middle point, to then unlock the enemies base capture point. There is lot's of ways to get around. The map theme is based on the...
  12. ethosaur

    ctf_hellpower 2021-08-04

    This was an old "goof around" mannpower halloween map I made back in 2015. It's not very balanced and a bit poorly optimized, but if you want to mess around, it may still be fun! The map is designed for Mannpower, It has a theme set in hell, where lava is a big obstacle. Use the the grappling...
  13. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun 2021-08-04

    This is a hangout/exploration map made for people, who want just a little more weirdness and exploration in their every day goofy tf2 server, or whatever your else your heart desires. Explore dark forests with friends, or alone, discover weird secrets and unlock new things by completing simple...
  14. ethosaur

    trade_undertale_ruins 2021-08-04

    An old map I started on back when Undertale just released, I didn't know how to do custom textures or sounds at the time, so no custom content, all was made with tf2 assets.... Uploading for history/archival purposes. Perhaps some may still find some entertainment from it? Features: -Almost...
  15. ethosaur

    trade_dome 2021-08-03

    Yet another old trade map I found, which I tuned up a little, optimized and made functional. (Never released before) Thought i'd just take all these old maps and fix em up for public release (And for archival/history) (Estimated to be originally created 2014-2015 or earlier) Hopefully some...
  16. ethosaur

    trade_bathtime 2021-08-03

    Another old trade map I made years ago, that I recently found again. (original date, 2014-2015ish) Decided to tune up a little bit, optimize and publish for history/legacy reasons... Perhaps some out there may still find use with these old maps! Thanks for looking!
  17. ethosaur

    trade_goodtimes 2021-08-03

    Another old map I found that I made long ago... Uploading for legacy/history reasons, maybe some may find use of it still? Old name: trade_np_v1 (Was originally made for Neura play server, but never went through)
  18. ethosaur

    cp_coalyard_old 2021-08-03

    Extremely old egypt themed control point map that I found recently, thought i'd upload for legacy/history reasons... Possibly made in 2012 or older. Maybe i'll redo this some day?....
  19. ethosaur

    pl_dogwater a4

    A small work in progress one stage payload map. Includes new paths that open up, after capture points have been taken, and forward spawn for blu/moved spawn for red. The idea is to later replace the bomb with a big jug of poison (Or something like that) as blu is trying to sabotage reds water...
  20. ethosaur

    Small Pirate prop pack A1

    Very early work in progress, some of the models have some UV maps set up but no textures yet. Im still learning to model, so this was just a practice. Feel free to texture, edit and try to finish the model(s) yourself. But please do credit me if you want to use them!