manor_of_fun_fix 2021-08-14

A more stable/fixed version of manor_of_fun, with some improvements & Less entity usage.

  1. ethosaur
    A more stable, and fixed version of manor_of_fun, this one should work on bigger servers, with more players and mods/plugins.

    The old manor, was unfortunately made at a time, where I didn't know how to optimize that well, and the entity limit was already almost full, so it often ended up in crashes, once you hit 24-32 players on a server.
    Previous map was at 1800 entities/2048 or so, leading to quickly hitting the limit, and crashing the server

    This version is at around 700/2048, leaving lots of room for players and other entities now.

    Includes a few changes/adjustments too, such as removal of random wheel of doom and spells (except a few for the headcrab room)

    You can still find the original one here, but beware of the issues as mentioned above:


    1. 20210814010840_1.jpg
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