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manor_of_mischief 2021-08-18

A completely new manor: Presenting manor_of_mischief, a huge map full of oddities and weird things!

This is a new map I've been working on for a while now: Manor of Mischief!

My newest addition to my "manor of" series. New custom content, art, rooms, models, collectibles, and so much more, all ready to be explored with others!

Features a lot of characters, drawings and models that I have drawn and modeled myself.

Here you will find all sorts of oddities and strange things...

Along the way, you will also meet some strange slime creatures, but beware, some are not as kind as others.

Collect gifts to unlock spells, and headcrabs to unlock the secret room!

There is lots to do, explore and collect, so get out there!

This is my newest manor, made in 2021, and is based on my previous manor map series, such as manor_of_fun and manor_of_horrors, Enjoy!

Manor_of_fun: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/manor_of_fun_fix.11654/
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