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Hikikomori Mall a2

New "weird" map by me, a "mall" with some strange things in it!

Even we need to go shopping sometimes... Even if the mall is... rather strange.

Just another weird map by yours truly, basically made for fun, there is nothing else to it really, hope you enjoy either way.

This is an early version of the map, and may have some issues associated with it, I may update and expand upon the map over time!

Music playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl_iDC0DkmNNCWmrlzeNZaw68k72Z4HsI

Character and painting art by me, you can find most of my art on here: https://twitter.com/ethosaur

The rest of the random images, is memes I have collected over time, textures from old games, or images/stuff I like or found cool/funny.

If you want a source to some meme/image let me know, I will try to provide!

First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Music slider fix

    Music volume in the map, can now be adjusted by the music slider in your game menu.
  2. Packed bsp update

    Just found out about "packing", amazing, I know. Anyway, should be a lot smaller file size now! Thats all.