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  1. ThirdEye

    Area portal on doors only one way [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have created a brush with func_areaportal and assigned the texture to the whole brush. The brush itself is the size of the door and aligned with the wall. The problem is that I can see the void from the inside of spawn, however once I get close to the door and it opens the problem isn't...
  2. Midlou

    [Prefab] Compact Door V1

    Includes: Compact Door 12'o clock RED Compact Door 12'o clock BLU Compact Door 6'o clock RED Compact Door 6'o clock BLU Obs: Don't rotate the prefab! Door filters: Red: filter_red Blu: filter_blu Feel free to use it as you want Made by me
  3. AlphaOwl

    Timer/Objective Triggered Doors

    HI TF2 Mapping community, I Haven't made a TF2 map in a year, but I decided to give back to all this dedication and by being inspired by some of the stuff that was pumped out this year for content. I'm currently working on a Player Destruction Map located in the South Pole, which is owned by...
  4. Bakscratch

    Wooden Doors v2

    A set of 3 (1 mirrored) wooden door. Complete with 8 different skins. -------------------------------------------- They do contain specular map if you do not want this, feel free to just comment the "$envmap" & "$envmapmask". -------------------------------------------- Please don't decompile...
  5. Phanpy100

    Randomly breacking doors

    sometimes when I make a door (or in this case a crusher) it justs randomly just breaks and becomes a rotating door that also does not work. What am i doing wrong?
  6. Phanpy100

    Door problem

    i followed crash's tutorial but every thime i create a door it moves backwards instead up Can someone help me? (The pointer is pointing up)
  7. Atasco

    func_door shadows

    Howdy again, today I'm here with a bit of an issue. I'm sure someone covered how to fix this in the many tutorials I've watched, but watching them again and searching the forums didn't net me any results so I guess I'll make a new thread. My issue is this: The doors I make that are right up...
  8. AlexCookie

    Doors with Timer Sign v1

    Doors: doors / metaldoor_192_timer doors / metaldoor_96_timer Installation: Move the .vpk file to Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/ Done
  9. FishyUberMuffin

    Doors to Points

    Does anyone know how to make doors sync to points? For example, Both A and B need to capped before C can be captured and I don't want people going into C until both A and B are capped. So i have to put a door in to prevent people from going to C. How do i make the door stay closed on C until...
  10. Necrσ

    urban_door001 2017-02-18

    A door model to go along with the props_urban windows, comes with 4 skins Includes: props_urban/urban_door001.mdl
  11. JRatt

    The Doorman Version 3, all class

    This is my entry for the Winter 2017 72hr JAM! Inspired by the Real Fake Doors advertisement, I rushed to Blender to get cracking on this. A mixture of the classic team select doors and a typical bellhop/doorman headpiece. Mod download will be working when uploaded, but go visit the page on the...
  12. mistertilapia

    func_respawnroomvisualizer rendering behind door

    Hello all, I am having an issue where my center respawn room visualizer is seemingly rendering behind the door. Interestingly, it still renders on top of the adjacent brushes. The left and right door visualizers do not have this problem. As always, any ideas would be much appreciated.