func_respawnroomvisualizer rendering behind door

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    Hello all,
    I am having an issue where my center respawn room visualizer is seemingly rendering behind the door.
    Interestingly, it still renders on top of the adjacent brushes.
    The left and right door visualizers do not have this problem.
    As always, any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    I don't know for sure, but I think Source can run into depth-sorting issues when running in fullbright. Get some lighting in your map and see if the problem persists.
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    I'm also not sure of this, but check just in case:

    Make sure you are using the "no_entry" texture for it, and not the "no_entry_nocull" or whatever it's called. The "no_entry" one should be the first one that pops up on the texture browser when you search for "no_entry".
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    This might be unrelated, but I've found that the origin of func_respawnroomvisualizer needs to be centered so that the engine knows how close yo are to a given brush. If you've tied all your func_respawnroomvisualizer brushes for multiple doors to one entity, the origin becomes the 'average' middle for all of those brushes which is rarely in the middle of any of them.

    So in other words, use one func_respawnroomvisualizer entity for each door.
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    The nocull version is identical to the normal one with the only difference being that it renders from both, the front and back. That's all that nocull means.

    While the effect of the thing becoming invisible is handled by proxies, which use the origin of the entity for calculating distance to the viewer, this shouldn't affect the sorting.

    A brushface can have sorting problems with a model if both occupy the same space. Make sure theres at least a tiny little bit of room between the surface covered with the no_entry texture and the door model.
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    I've noticed that respawn visualizers do some weird things with Z sorting in general; I don't know if there's a fix for it, but if there is, it must not be something that other map makers are too concerned about. The important thing is that the symbol can still be clearly seen by players.