death pit

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  1. T

    Koth_Harbor A1

    A Koth Map made for the 72hr Jam It is loosely based on a harbor with emphesis on vertical gameplay its just your basic run of the mill KotH Map
  2. Dr.TwentyTwo

    BridgeTown A1 2019-07-19

    Come to bridge town where mercenaries will fight each other to the death over a control point on a bridge (if you've seen this map before It's because I deleted the last one because I put the wrong file format and only after making this post did I realize how to edit the download on the page for...
  3. Captain Cactus

    Dusty Bluff a1

    Another arena map, it was Abe Lincoln's favorite mode after all.
  4. Switchgeer

    Ravine A5

  5. B

    Drainage a1

    Fight in and around a cliff side drainage facility! This map contains 2 death pits (the cliff and the totally-not-toxic water) and a unique control point shape. This map is still under development.
  6. Waugh101

    Suspension B4a

    After RED struck a large gold deposit at one of their old coal mines, they began to set up a larger operation. BLU soon caught wind of this, and is now ready to take over RED's operation by any means necessary. As a lakeside-structured, mirrored King of the Hill map, Suspension promises a...
  7. FloofCollie

    Summit A1

    Thrown together in a few hours! This is hopefully a fun little map focusing on changes in elevation, interesting fighting areas and a death pit! Notes: Some of the lighting might be bad, and it may not be clear which rooftops you can walk on.
  8. Cincomma

    Halloween Death Pit Player Screams [Resolved]

    Hello TF2Maps Community! I have yet another kink I need to work out. I'm trying to make a Halloween death pit for a map of mine in progress, but I can't find the sound of the player screaming whilst falling (ex. Ghost Fort, Pit of Death, Snowplow) I would appreciate to know how to do so, and...
  9. Elizabeth

    reservoir b2a

    A KOTH mapsituated atop of a dam within the badlands. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam by me and Birchly together. Birchly - Credits A Boojum Snark - Mapping resource pack/gametype library Ravidge - Lighting...
  10. Jebehdebehhuh

    Sawpit Alpha 1

    A saw and some death pits, Duh. =This is my very first KotH map= Tell me what you think and suggest things you think should be added or removed from the map, have fun.
  11. Pheenak

    koth_masonry_v1 2018-03-14

  12. Segab

    cp_neighbor b3

    My first full fledged TF2 map. A single-stage 2cp attack-defend map, set in a city at night. The idea is that both teams spawn in apartment buildings and the fights happen in the things that got built between them. Inspired by San Francisco and Montreal, for the weirdly shaped streets next to a...
  13. F4NGS

    canyoncross a1

    Started working on this map a few weeks ago with the idea of a koth map with a big death pit that divides the map vertically. The death pit has a couple of platforms so you can hop across to get the other side with some skilled jumps. I am liking how the map is coming along. though...
  14. Umaroth-24

    72hr Jam 2022 Covariance a4a

    A simple koth map, mapped for the 72hour winter TF2Jam 2017. credit to: -Earkham for his snowycoast assets pack -Fr0z3n for the map starters prefab -A Boojum Snark for his ultimate mapping resource pack
  15. Grubzer

    Medieval plr_diversion A2a

    Medieval-aesthetic medieval mode PLR map. Note: this map is abanoned. For new version go here