Sky Scrape rc1

Big fall. That is all.

  1. Printed Paper
    A Mann versus Machine map based on tall buildings in the process of being built.

    Players make their way inside the third building where the robots spawn. The robots exact spawn location should be obvious, as there are two massive gates. There are four smaller gates on each level, where tanks will spawn. In the second building (the middle one), there lies a single point. When gatebots successfully capture it, two other bombs spawn. They are promptly removed each wave, same goes with the point.

    More information about this map can be seen in the Steam workshop page.

Recent Reviews

  1. AloXii.exe
    Version: rc1
    no assets + missing textures
  2. Drolrevo
    Version: rc1
    nice map
    need nav

    I think the first part is too long.

    look forward to the futureā™„