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Suspension B4a

A Lakeside-styled, mirrored KOTH map set in a heavily-disputed coal mine

After RED struck a large gold deposit at one of their old coal mines, they began to set up a larger operation. BLU soon caught wind of this, and is now ready to take over RED's operation by any means necessary.

As a lakeside-structured, mirrored King of the Hill map, Suspension promises a design set more around tighter combat scenarios, while still offering an open mid with plenty of breathing room. Featuring all of your favorites! A scorching desert! Death pits! Health-And-Safety violations!

Keep in mind that this is my second ever fully-completed and functional TF2 map, so it might contain some flaws.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. General Balance Tweaking

    Changes: + Changed the cover around mid to allow for easier attacks on the point + Opened up the ramp route to mid + Added additional ammo pack outside of the ground entrance to mid Small Fixes: + General beautification improvements -...
  2. Anti-Sniper V2

    Changes: + Changed the cover around mid to shorten sightlines + Added more cover against Snipers in the Sniper Deck Small Fixes: + Added a few decals and general beautification improvements - Generally improved clipping
  3. Entering Beta!

    Changes: + Added more signs and details + Textured a majority of the map Small Fixes: + All Health and Ammo Kits now have patches under them - Fixed general cover oversights Mid - Showing RED Side Mid - Side View The Mine Second...