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Empire rc2

it's like die hard

KOTH map made in collaboration with zythe, _rhamkin and radarhead!

Even massive mega-corporations vying for a global hegemony over the world need office space. However, when you have to share that office space with another mega-corporation trying to achieve the same thing, AND your greatest rival... well, needless to say, things can get a bit messy.

Oh well! Property prices are through the roof anyway. Cleaning is cheaper.
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King of the Hill

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. rc2!

    changelog - minor fixes
  2. rc1!!!!!!!!!!!!

    changelog - small fixes - clipping
  3. potential final update!!!

    changes - not many besides fixes - added spire for the top of the building

Latest reviews

I cannot in good faith recommend this map to servers anymore until the map is properly optimized. Detailing wise, the map is absolutely fantastic; It knows its environment very well, and to that I must give it credit for. Empire's gameplay is what I would call "passable." I think the most recent matches I've played in the map really show how badly the point can become an impenetrable fortress, and even cause spawncamping at times. It makes me really sad to say this in particular, as a month ago I was really interested in seeing this map in competitive Highlander, however with the recent tests I've noticed some major optimization issues, as well as gameplay issues. The spawn needs to be reverted back to how it was in the betas, where it was a neutral angle that allowed players real choice. I'm rating this a 6/10. Empire needs work