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Battlements 0.7

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Battlements 0.7

What if 2fort was a koth map?

This is my first ever tf2 map. Koth_Battlements. It's still a work in progress so things like the random blocks will be replaced with props eventually. I'm willing to hear any and all feedback on the map. The design was based on an idea I had where I wondered what 2fort would look like as a koth map. I also took influence from sujin in terms of the main point design. Hopefully you enjoy it.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. koth_Battlements Alpha 3

    -Reworked locations under spawn -Added new lighting -Added new paths and opening to control points
  2. New Version

    After feedback from my past version of the map I've made some major adjustments to improve it. -Fixed stairs not lining up correctly -thinned out overly thick walls in key part of map -Added a new ramp for demo knights -Reworked the path to the...
  3. koth_Battlements

    Still trying to get it to work