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Ascent Alpha 1 Subversion A

RED and BLU fight over control of a mountain base used as a communications relay for TF Industries.

Team Fortress Industries has many assets scattered throughout the world, particularly the more inconvenient parts of North America's west coast. Communication through large swathes of land can often prove to be difficult during a gravel war, which is exactly why TF.I has taken it upon themselves to establish a new satellite communications outpost.

This one's not it. It's about two years too old, and smells like frozen emiction. So if it's up for grabs, who else should fight over it other than its two biggest subsidiaries: Reliable Excavation Demolition & Builders League United. Who else would want to own a communications outpost somewhere in the cascades for mere bragging rights?

Kill enemy players and pick up the files they drop, deposit them into the active point to win!

This project is part of a larger collaborative project to create multiple Player Destruction maps with consistent visual language for gameplay objects. The current contributors for this level are as follows:

MacD11 - Gameplay Layout, Gamemode Logic, Sound Design
fossil - Gameplay Layout (Capture Point A)
Wheat - Dossier model, Gamemode UI Icons
KrazyZark - Gamemode & Prop Models, Map Entity Work
HypnOS 1999 - Capture Point Hologram Texture

Special Thanks:

Egan - Creator of Player Destruction mode
Suna - Player Destruction Announcer Soundscript, Advice
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Player Destruction

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Latest updates

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    - Better signage for where the points are. (Should help remedy issues with not understanding where things are in the level.) - Fixed point B's ability to cap. (Players thought you couldn't cap at A either but it's just a symptom of the map's...