BulletRace A4C

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BulletRace A4C

Payload Race, but you shoot a target to move the cart.

An variation on payload race where you have to shoot a target to make your team's cart move.

Includes powerups, events, and a dynamic target.
First release
Last update
Payload Race

Latest updates

  1. A4C Release

    Fixed a whoopies. Fixed: VScript files not packed. Cubemaps now work.
  2. A4B Release

    More. And less. Hopefully for the better. Fixes: Fixed being able to open enemy spawn doors. Optimization. Players not being in bumpercars when respawning during event. (New method, so there is also a chance I completely broke it for...
  3. A3C Release

    More changes! More stuff! Fixes: Lowered cartblocker powerup for better reachability. Shortened cartblocker powerup time to 4 seconds. Made setup time shorter. Minor visual things. Being on fire after spawning from falling in pit. Made sniper...