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  1. Kiglirs

    Kaelir a13

    My 1st attempt at doing a map that is good in competitive and in pub, and in a V shape. I'll see how it goes! Also includes hot water and a cliff over the sea I'm still not good at description, i'll change it later, i promise
  2. ImSS

    Newkon (cp_yukon Pro) a2

    Newkon is a revised version of cp_yukon designed for competitive play. Below are the major changes sorted by general location. Beyond major layout changes, the lighting, clipping, and optimization have been generally improved for high-level play. -----Major Changes by area----- Middle: -...
  3. sunryze

    foundry pro2

    The map nobody asked for. Thanks to Gatsan for feedback and interest in development. General - Removed clutter - Adjusted area portals - Changed the round timer to 10 minutes - General optimisation improvements Mid - Shifted health and ammo for better rollouts - Blockbullet clipped stairs...
  4. sunryze

    proclaimer a1

    Named after the legendary Scottish duo Craig and Charlie Reid "The Proclaimers".
  5. zythe_

    ancient a16

    comp map lmao
  6. zythe_

    signal_v2 a4

    [screenshots outdated] remake of an old 5 cp map with a comp focus
  7. Rocketboi

    Koth hammer 2020-11-15

    I don't haveing anything to say
  8. Obamid

    pass_aerosol b2

    Aerosol is a map intended for 4v4 Passtime. This map started as a 72hr jam entry and has been expanded on.( the main changes between _72hr and _b2 are: the map has been widened It has also been made shorter details have been removed...
  9. theatreTECHIE

    Rapids A22

    Rapids is a 4-point steel-style A/D map, which is being designed for competitive play.
  10. Cincomma

    Cranberry A2

    This is my first map made specifically for competitive play, namely 6v6. The theme of the map is that Red owns a cranberry farm and Blu a blueberry farm, and the main purpose of the facility is for mercenaries to kill each other in. Mid Flank Health cubby Route of to the sniper balcony...
  11. Anguish

    ultiduo_rockhopper A2

    Like ultiduo? Like surfing? Like flying around the map at the speed of light? Like getting sick airshots? Like making amazing getaways? Like coming in clutch with the last second bomb? Welcome to ultiduo_rockhopper, an ultiduo map that features 2 walls that are entirely occupied by surf ramps...
  12. chemelia

    Mutagen2 A6

    Mutagen2 is a remake of my map from last year, called mutagen. This map will be mostly intended for competitive 6v6 audiences, though I'm open to the possibility of HL testing. Thanks: void for toxic waste texture Frontline Team for mutagens sign Everyone who played and left feedback on the...
  13. ISPuddy

    Matchmaking Competitive Setup 2016-04-22

    [:eek: WARNING! : THE STUPID F2P AHEAD!] :entitytool: If you like Powerhouse and you want to make :cap:_Powerhouse style this is the pefab 3:cap: - what in this pefab - tf_mm_1.vmf
  14. ISPuddy

    New Interesting TF_Logic_

    [[SSOMETHINGS_WEIRD_AHEAD]] i found this on koth viaduct
  15. ISPuddy

    This is How Competitive Work on the maps?

    [[SSOMETHINGS_WEIRD_AHEAD]] I Found this room under the map turbine,viaduct maybe if we want the maps to support comp just place this winner room in the maps?