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Mutagen2 A6

"This map is literally fucking dickcheese" -muma, froyo demoman

Mutagen2 is a remake of my map from last year, called mutagen. This map will be mostly intended for competitive 6v6 audiences, though I'm open to the possibility of HL testing.

void for toxic waste texture
Frontline Team for mutagens sign
Everyone who played and left feedback on the original cp_mutagen, especially phi, carn and benroads for their detailed feedback responses
Carn(again) for his one-on-one feedback
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. A6: The De-Awkwardization

    Alpha 6 Mid -Removed spiral & curved wall -Added "house" structure with a balcony thing in place of the spiral -Added a rock prop, letting people walk up to the balcony -Moved barriers -Stretched out one side of the mid structure -Moved medium...
  2. Alpha 5

    Alpha 5 General -Fixed spawntimes(hopefully) -A lot of small brushwork changes Mid -Relatively unchanged Mid>2nd -Lengthened all routes -Added a shutter to the middle route -Added a small healthkit and medium ammo -Straightened out the left side...
  3. A4B: Small changes

    Alpha 4B Screenshots are out of date! Gameplay -Added a diagonal ramp to mid from the lowest route -Lowered 2nd point by 32 units -Removed shutter route into lobby -Reverted lobby back to a whole; rather than having 2 parts -Moved spawnpoints...