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  1. ☽ℤℯℯℓ↺

    Mystic Nightscape 2022-07-24

    This is an entry for the 72 Hour Jam! Done by: Zeel EKSD Lumi Make sure to check it out on the workshop!
  2. JackHunderwald

    The Palm Plaza Course Mapping Contest

    THE PALM PLAZA COURSE MAPPING CONTEST Poster by Dr Hund. Any Moderators thinking that something's wrong with this thread? Just tell me. HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Dr Hund, a mapper just like you (normally) who has been working on a project since December 2020. This map is...
  3. SnickerPuffs

    Interesting encounters with pre-famous community members

    Everyone starts out as just another face in the TF2 content creation community, but after a while some "make it big" and become famous for the work they've done. That could mean they got something in-game, or just made something that got popular in the TF2 community. Have you ever looked back...
  4. Dayornight

    [VSH] Shipment V1.01

    First map I made that's not a rework of an existing map, but on the other hand it's a recreation of the "Shipment" map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I thought it would work well in Saxton Hale. Small, action packed map with some verticality thrown in there! As always, I'll try to keep it...
  5. ics

    I collected some statistics from officially added community maps in TF2. Here's what I found

    This is not about which maps are the best or worst, least played or most played. Just some stats that you might not even know about or find it interesting. Lets get into it! Total officially added community made maps in TF2: 53 Little less than half (~47%) of the 112 official maps are made...
  6. disckord

    cp_playground b1

    A castle themed symmetrical 3cp map. The red and blu sides are competing for ownership over old castle land. The red side with their down to earth preservative practices, and the blu side, with their industrial, business orientated commercial practices. Who will take ownership? (as of beta 1...
  7. jubei

    Definitely Serious Competition 2018-07-28

    This is a short story, told in a serious tone, describing the events of a particular TF2 map and one event that happened on it. It's told from the perspective of a mercenary, describing a map, and forced into a particular game mode and format -- which I'll allow the reader to discover for...
  8. Obsyden

    Are we allowed to use community maps' textures?

    This question was originally for CS:GO mapping, but since it's still Valve and the exact same question I figured it would be fine for this site. If I decompile a community map that has been accepted into the game, and take a texture (that is packed into the map) and use it in my maps, can my...
  9. DJ Coastal Shpee

    koth_ArabianNights 2017-08-06

    Hey there everyone! This is my first 72 hr jam and submission. This is one of my first maps i have ever made for tf2 or any contest I hope you Like it.
  10. suber36g

    I got an idea that nobody ask: A MASCOT

    Why not let TF2MAPS have it own mascot! I got no idea for the mascot. But i thought "maybe the community could think of one...." WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!?!

    How to map workshop mapnames to a steam ID?

    For a tinkering hobby project, I'm mapping out all community servers on a map. I'm trying to programmaticly gather meta-data for each server, but I've hit some bumps. For example; I want to map a workshop map name to a steam community ID to gather thumbnail data etc. But how can I map such...
  12. Billo

    The Last Stand! A Community Made Update

    Please Visit Out Website Here: This Is A Medieval Community Made Update For Team Fortress 2. You Can Find The Workshop Collection Here : And Here Is The Link For The Last Stand Group...
  13. Billo

    community project

    well my team and i are working on a project. how can we add this on tf2maps? i would be really thankfull to know thanks!
  14. ethosaur

    72hr koth_trenchcliff a1

    Made for the 72Hour Jam. I finally managed to get myself together and make a map! Post any feedback you have as this is very early draft of the map. Once the jam is finished I will try to complete this map and upload it to the workshop. Thanks and happy jamming!
  15. AlexCookie

    Your motivation

    What motivates you to create maps?
  16. Pocket

    How to fix Steam's toxic communities

    Years ago, I read an article about how Microsoft planned to start punishing the assholes on Xbox Live by "forcing them to play with each other". I never heard anything more about it, or any further details, but it gave me an idea about how the problem of bad people on gaming communities could be...