I collected some statistics from officially added community maps in TF2. Here's what I found

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    This is not about which maps are the best or worst, least played or most played. Just some stats that you might not even know about or find it interesting. Lets get into it!

    • Total officially added community made maps in TF2: 53

    • Little less than half (~47%) of the 112 official maps are made by community people.

    • Total of 106 people contributed into these 53 maps.

    • ~37% of the 53 maps were made by 1 person alone while ~63% were made by group of 2 people or more.

    • Nearly 1/4th (~24,5%) of the community made maps are halloween maps (13 maps total)
    Top 5 maps involvement by community creators:

    1. Void (8 maps)
    2. Freyja, fuzzymellow (6 maps)
    3. UEAKCrash, Heyo (5 maps)
    4. E-Arkham, SediSocks, Stiffy360, FissionMetroid101, YM, The Ronin (4 maps)
    5. 3DNJ, ScorpioUprising, phi, Ravidge, ICS, AsG_Alligator, Exactol, Seba, NeoDement, Egan (3 maps)
    Top 5 gamemodes by maps count:

    1. Control Points (20 maps)
    2. King of the Hill (12 maps)
    3. Payload (9 maps)
    4. Player Destruction (4 maps)
    5. Capture The Flag & Arena (3 maps each)
    Least maps by gamemode: Payload Race (2 maps)

    Forever alone community created gamemode: Player Destruction (4 maps, no valve made maps exist)

    There are certainly more statistical information to be gathered than this but here's something that i found out by just looking the maps, their creators and common knowledge. You got more information that i should list here? Leave a comment!

    Possible margin of error is around 1-2%/people/map so sorry if I overlooked something or similar. Thanks.

    Also on Reddit r/tf2
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    I'm thrilled that Pit of Death is recognized as the gold standard of PD maps.
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    WEhoops, must have slipped in there while i was copying and pasting lists or just a mindflaw. Thanks, fixed it.
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    This statistic is a teeeny bit misleading, but it's understandable because there's no way someone outside of each map's contributors would know the actual breakdowns. "By a group of 2 or more" does not necessarily mean a full collaboration, as many of the additional contributors are there for work done on textures, models, etc and getting only a small percentage.

    Overall though nice job collating all this, it's an interesting read.
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