How to map workshop mapnames to a steam ID?

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    For a tinkering hobby project, I'm mapping out all community servers on a map.

    I'm trying to programmaticly gather meta-data for each server, but I've hit some bumps. For example; I want to map a workshop map name to a steam community ID to gather thumbnail data etc. But how can I map such workshop map name to a steam page about the workshop map?

    To clarify things:
    I have a map name like "workshop/ktf_lemmyard.ugc768895", I want to map it to this URL: "". Note that the ID of the workshop map does not contain the whole steam id (missing last 3 digits).

    Does anyone know how to easily match this map name to a steam detail page?

    Another bump I've run into; I need thumbnails for for each community map. The only data about the map I've got is the actual map name (e.g. dm_event_1). Does anyone know of a thumbnail dataset / API which I can use to get thumbnail images for (most) maps out there?
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    nice idea ^^
    I tried to search for anything that could help with your question but it looks like there is no way to easily match them
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