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SteeI b1

It's... just Steel? Or is it?

Wait, this... just looks like a reupload of cp_steel. Is this a joke? What's different about it? I know it's an April Fools submission but, didn't somebody already do this joke before? Or... wait, something seems a bit... off...

(April Fools gameday 2023 submission)

NOTE: This map has been known to cause some players to crash. This is a client bug that is currently being investigated. Enabling r_shadows 0 in the console may lower the chances of this happening.




  • Goku is present in the map menu photos
  • All cubemaps have been replaced with the sus guy's face
  • Several player spawn points have been tilted slightly, causing the player's POV to be tilted until they respawn or teleport
  • Spy decloak sound effects play periodically from random locations around the map
  • Discord notification sounds and sentry targeting sounds play periodically to all players
  • Sniper mirages appear periodically at several locations around the map
  • Duende sightings may appear along routes to B, D, and E
  • Various "RED" and "BLU" team signs have had their text swapped
  • BLU victory triggers a cameo from the Narrator
  • RED victory causes the rocket to launch
Point A
  • An additional spectator camera pointed at the rock005 model has been added
  • Killing the barrel near the control point erects a tombstone in his memory
  • Doorway to E has several extra layers of security
  • Dropdown in the shortcut to B has been extended
Point B
  • Wooden ladders now extend all the way around the red building
  • Chicken weathervane has been replaced with a deervane
  • Stairs leading up to sniper deck and metal grates outside RED spawn can sometimes swallow players and send them to the backrooms
  • Train carts have been replaced with rock005s
  • "Jenkin Coal Co" has been renamed to "Jenkin Cool Co"
  • A trigger_hurt pickup has been added next to a small ammo kit
  • "B" sign now has appropriate sound effects
  • "KEK"
  • C gate opens upwards instead of to the sides
  • Ammo pack near C gate has been moved onto the wall
  • It says "gullible" on the ceiling
Point C
  • Banana peel flings players onto the control point
  • Various environmental details are properly labeled
  • Rotational speed of spinning objects has been greatly increased
  • Drain pipes now have googly eyes
  • Sewer grate is full of frogs!
  • Floor underneath the control point disappears upon capture
  • Cow cutout in out of bounds area has a date (don't stare)
Point D
  • Size of the room has been extended
  • Something came in the mail today...
  • "EEEEE"
  • Angle of brick wall has been changed to approximately 89.97 degrees with the ground
  • Server room has been converted to a fish tank
  • "Mikroscopic" poster behind fence
  • RED spawn door? What RED spawn door?
  • Doorway to F has been added
  • Metal door in back corner might lead somewhere... but you'll have to find out how to open it
Point E
  • Hallway coming from A has health and ammo patches that spawn no health or ammo
  • Hallway coming from B changes the color of players' clothes
  • Stairs coming from lower C route make you go "OOF"
  • Bridges extend to the tune of Rainbow Road
BLU spawn
  • Messages on the chalkboard change as control points are captured
  • Metal grates in the floor become a functional door after C is captured
RED spawn 1
  • A gas-light has been placed on the table... symbolic, perhaps
  • Resupply cabinets change position when nobody is in spawn
RED spawn 2
  • One of the resupply cabinet rooms is upside down
  • Chalkboard diagrams are absolutely f***ed
  • Light above lower spawn exit is 67% brighter
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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