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Jun 27, 2016
Still processing the demo and feedback but it's mostly:
  • Give BLU better insight into what they are walking into.
  • Ammo.
  • That god damned hallway.
Look at the blobs of red. Those are all doorways/cramped areas that BLU has to walk through.

Death Position

Killer Position

Killer Lines


  • cp_baxter_a3_killerlines.png
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Patchy the pirate

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Apr 9, 2022
I really like this maps design and the layout you've got going in it!

But I did stumble one or two smaller issues which can be abused;

1A: The small overlapping pipe element allows explosive classes + wrangler engineers to land/stand there without issue
1B: Though explosive classes attempting to land on the flat areas of the red pipes get pushed off, a wrangler + rescue ranger engineer can quite easily launch himself up and place a sentry, tele exit or dispenser there (Note; Standing on top of your own dispenser and sentry of any level puts you above the effect of the pushing force applied to this area!)

The second 'issue' I came across was being abled to comfortably stand on top of the tall trees at BLU's starting spawn, as a Demo a single sticky is enough to get up there, as soldier 2 rockets suffice
Some of these trees provide a really protected spot for a demoman sittin and tossing his balls down from there

Other than that, i like it!


master of fast travel
Jun 27, 2016
nesman updated Baxter with a new update entry:

Been a while huh.

Got busy with graduating college and life. Still thinking about redesigning C but wanted to test some ideas first.

- Fixed clippings.
- Changed entrances into A flanks.
- Changed A flanks.
- New B.
- Changed B flanks.
- Changed B Health/Ammo placements.
- Changed Red C spawn exits.
- Other little things.

Read the rest of this update entry...