koth_frozencountry a4a

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koth_frozencountry a4a


What a great time of year ! It's freezing in the battlements and yet the water is still not ice. It's a bad time to get outside and yet the mercs are fighting.​

This map is a re-imagining of my first ever first-real-real-map that i have never released. The map was still a koth map, and it was called "countryside". From a desert them to a snow alpine theme, because another one of my early map was a snow themed map.

Countryside was an experimental map for me back in 2018, learning not to use certain tools a certain way, learning how to mirror maps, learning scaling, learning how not to add new routes. Saying it's bad is an understatement, but when making it i knew it was bad. It was still during a moment when I knew I shouldn't publish anything because of my lack of experience. Now almost 4 years later i have decided to use the 72hr jam as a reason to dig into my old pool of maps and to give them a coat of "usable and playable" paint.
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Latest updates

  1. A4A Update

    Quick changes made after the test Added cover around the point Changed so that you can no longer access balcony from the point Removed packs around cliff Added skyboxes for optimization (still has bad fps)
  2. A4 Update

    A4 Update I made quick changes and ended up with new changes to mid that i wanted to try. List of changes (that i remember) : Removed one way doors Made the cabin give slight height advantage. Added rocks to block line of sights and funnel every...
  3. A3 Update

    After making a video on what to change about this map a while back, I decided to finally go around and... make the changes. Changed access to balcony Added a new route that leads to a wooden shack that has a one way exit onto the point Changed...