72hour jam

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  1. Diva Dan

    The 2Fort Knight (Scout cosmetic set) rc1

    A set of cosmetics for the scout based on Fortnite, created for the 72hr jam. CONTRIBUTORS: Diva Dan: https://steamcommunity.com/id/divadan Majora: https://steamcommunity.com/id/spookymajora Sky: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sky_216 SediSocks: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SedimentarySocks...
  2. halfpint

    TF2 Quiz 1

    INSTALLATION+USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Install 'tf2quiz.zip' Extract the 'tf2 quiz' folder inside 'tf2quiz.zip' Go inside the 'tf2 quiz' folder and double click on 'tfquiz.html'. It should open up in your browser. If it doesn't, right click on it, hover over 'Open with' and choose your preferred web...
  3. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Stationed (Final Entry) rc1

    KoTH Stationed is my final entry for the 72 hour Challenge! After a lot of hard work, the map has been finished, and I honestly feel really proud of this map, and think it's my best as of yet (Since I'm new). Anywho, the one thing I'm gonna say is that I managed to include a secret room (as seen...
  4. Cincomma

    Hell Well A6

    have you ever wanted to steal a spectral gargoyle from someone and throw it into a well that leads you straight to damnation? Probably, that's where this map comes in. This is my entry in the 2019 TF2Maps 72hr Jam Hell Well is a Player Destruction map set in a haunted hydroelectric plant...

    A-pose party 2019-08-03

    I like then people on TF2 servers make A-pose. It's funny, but some people think A-pose is scary.
  6. Limasio

    cp_royale b1

    Made for the TF2 2018 72hr challenge Welcome to cp_royale! In this prequel to upward, Blu team is fighting for control of a cargoship which will allow them to reach red's base in upward. This is an attack/defend map. Credits: ABS Mapping Pack Frontline Bunker Textures - Frontline Team Picture...
  7. tomo2515

    Kingdom r075

    My first time entering 72 hour jam! Hope you will enjoy my map! Please report any bugs and give your suggestions to make this map better!
  8. wicked 2

    My SFM Poster/ Holy Pistol

  9. Jhoira of the Ghitu

    pl_millhouse_a4 pl_millhouse_a4

    Push the cart through a mountain and blow it up on the saw at the end of the millhouse! This map is in alpha and is mainly textured. If you would like to give feedback on my map HMU! This map was made for the /27/7/2018 Summer TF2 Jam! Here are some screenshots of my ok-ish map:
  10. ethosaur

    [72hr] koth_gravelpass a1

    A small king of the hill map I made for the 72hour mapping jam. Sadly I ran out of time to add detail and props, but it should be mostly playable at a basic state. But it was fun joining in either way! I might try to finish this later. Thanks for checking it out :cookie: (Used ABS's Mappers...
  11. Werewolf

    10x Oversized Studio a1

    The idea for this map is that it is a film set, and the movie in production requires an oversized set to make the cast look tiny. As a result, everything is 10x bigger than normal. To be honest, it could have been so much better if I hadn't wasted time in certain areas. For example I spent way...
  12. Vertigo

    Limbless Soldier: The Charge [SFM Video]

    Decided to make my first ever entry the hard way, by making a video! Enjoy!
  13. Bluemario2

    Dev textures with more HU measurements 2017-08-07

    These dev texture measurements have more lines on them, to help with smaller HUs; They go down to 2HU, and come in multiple versions. So far I only have Red and Blue, but I might have more later on.
  14. Svode

    CP Kingred

    Kingred - Dedicated to KingRedHead, a friend of mine who passed away not too long ago [FORMER 72HR SUMMER 2017 ENTRY] I dedicate this map to my friend, a man named KingRedHead (online) who passed away in 2015 from Leukemia. He would always come by on my plot on this one Minecraft server (now...
  15. Svode

    Kingred A2b

    I dedicate this map to my friend, a man named KingRedHead (online) who passed away in 2015 from Leukemia. He would always come by on my plot on this one Minecraft server (now closed) which he was a moderator on and see what I had built. Our freindship may seem lame to some people, but it truly...
  16. Admiral Bread Crumbs

    Heavy Appreciation Poem #72hrjam 2017-08-06

    I wrote a little appreciation poem about Heavy for the 72 hour jam, it isn't much but I'm happy with it. I hope whoever reads it likes it c: (it's a google docs btw)
  17. Yotts

    Working beep boy * 2017-08-05

    * the beep boy isnt working yet This jam has turned into a comedy of errors due to user error. Day 1 My original plan for the jam was to model, print and paint a cleaners carbine. This idea was highly ambitious, but I was optimistic that I could do it. What I did not take into account was the...