pl_millhouse_a4 pl_millhouse_a4

A fun and balanced payload map set in the mountains.

  1. Jhoira of the Ghitu
    Push the cart through a mountain and blow it up on the saw at the end of the millhouse! This map is in alpha and is mainly textured. If you would like to give feedback on my map HMU! This map was made for the /27/7/2018 Summer TF2 Jam! Here are some screenshots of my ok-ish map: 20180729113927_1.jpg 20180729114010_1.jpg 20180729114052_1.jpg 20180729114059_1.jpg 20180729114106_1.jpg 20180729114120_1.jpg 20180729114136_1.jpg 20180729114220_1.jpg 20180729114249_1.jpg 20180729114902_1.jpg

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