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Hell Well A6

A very haunted hydroelectric plant

  1. Velvott
    have you ever wanted to steal a spectral gargoyle from someone and throw it into a well that leads you straight to damnation? Probably, that's where this map comes in.

    This is my entry in the 2019 TF2Maps 72hr Jam

    Hell Well is a Player Destruction map set in a haunted hydroelectric plant, featuring the Horseless Headless Horsemann! Deposit the enemy's soul gargoyles into the wells connected to hell itself to score points. The wells cycle between locations every time the cap zone is active, if you jump into the well, you go straight to hell where you can snag a super spell if you're fast enough to not die of fire or something (why did that rhyme?)

    20190804000059_1.jpg Spawn 20190804000138_1.jpg Also mid 20190804000112_1.jpg Mid courtyard 20190804000109_1.jpg Spawn courtyard 20190804000132_1.jpg Also mid... again 20190804000119_1.jpg Sewers 20190804000157_1.jpg Flank 20190804000148_1.jpg Hell 20190804000223_1.jpg Spawn courtyard... again 20190804000129_1.jpg Also hell 20190804000228_1.jpg 20190804000144_1.jpg Well location 20190804000250_1.jpg Mid courtyard 20190804000206_1.jpg Side route 20190804000257_1.jpg

    Feedback is appreciated!


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