Kingred A2b

Dedicated to KingRedHead, a friend of mine who passed away not too long ago

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    I dedicate this map to my friend, a man named KingRedHead (online) who passed away in 2015 from Leukemia.
    He would always come by on my plot on this one Minecraft server (now closed) which he was a moderator on and see what I had built. Our freindship may seem lame to some people, but it truly was something special.
    We weren't friends for a long time, but I grew to know him early on when he was a a normal person. Towards the end, however, he would not connect for days or even weeks due to having had several surgeries, many of which to remove a tumor in his brain. Eventually he was able to connect at the hospital, but he couldn't leave. He knew that his future was bleak, and he told me so. He also told me to never stop building, and to always pursue my dreams until the end before finally disconnecting, unsure of his fate.
    He had taught me to take life for granted and to savor every minute of it, And for that I dedicate this map in his name. May he rest in peace.
    I strongly support Redkite and other organizations which help people with Leukemia and other cancers out. Without them, members of our own group might not have stayed with us as they have.

    A 2-CP Attack/Defense map, with a construction-based theme (WIP, will be developed later on)

    Autumnal pack made by @Berry

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