Beep Man's Adventures [SFM+Photoshop+scan]

Beep Man's Adventures [SFM+Photoshop+scan] 2019-08-05

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Beep Man's Adventures [SFM+Photoshop+scan] 2019-08-05

It tooks 10 hours to do.

MANN Co. present the 42nd issue of "Beep Man's Adventures". Following the events of "Gravel Conspiracy" and "Watchers Saga", Beep Man have to fight the Terrible Giant Robotic Soldier (TGRS). With this adventure, a free sticker is given away !

This is an artwork that took way too much effort to do. Only the robot soldier and the Beep Jr. (+the fake sticker and the head in the up left corner) are from SFM, the rest has been made in photoshop. The background sky is from a skybox texture in the Frontline supply drop pack that has been stretch up with the content aware scale.

Then I printed the fake comic cover and I applied multiple layers of varnish to give a glossy look (like a real-life comic). I added imperfections and then I scanned it.
I digitally added coffee stains that I made (since the coffee stains didn't catch on the paper because of the varnish). Here is the original version (no stealing pls)

Thank to NeoDement for his awesome Beep Jr. model, vote for it on the workshop, he deserves it. (SFM model)

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