Yosai b3a

A snowy japanese themed payload map with 5 control points

  1. b3a Update: Small Change With The Skybox

    • Reduced overall skybox height to match the buildings.
  2. b3 Update: Layout Changes and Faster Payload

    Point A
    • Added a building on the left flank.
    • Closed down the uphill areas.
    • Moved the cap point closer to the tunnel.
    • Payload tracks now goes through the buildings.

    Point B
    • Added a backroom in the upper floor of the building.
    • Changed the building front layout to be more engineer friendly.
    • Overhaul of the outside area near the payload tracks.
    • Removed the ramps near the entrance.

    Point C
    • Added a door further...
  3. b2 Update: Spawns and Layout Adjustments

    Point A
    • Removed front door of the left and right building.
    • Opened windows to help flanking into the buildings.
    • Changed the layout around the blue spawn to correct some sightline issues.

    Point B
    • Removed red first respawn and using the second one instead.
    • Removed the rollback mechanic on the ramp.
    • Changed the layout around red old spawn to give more cover for blue team.
    • Changed the upper area of the ramp for additional attack routes....
  4. b1 Update: Balancing & Fixes

    -Added Boxing Sack for blue first spawn (models by DioJoestar)
    -Added an elevation area for defense on Point C and E
    -Added routes to the middle roof on Point A
    -Closed the large west flank on Point A
    -Redesign the main route on Point B
    -Redesign of Red upper south spawn of Point E
    -Removed the grate door in the tunnel of Point C
    -Fixed various clipping brushes
    -Fixed a couple of displacements
    -Fixed stairs on point C
  5. a2a Update: Small Fixes

    -Fixed weird textures near the water on Point D.
    -Fixed the clipping on the lower windows ledges.
    -Fixed clipping on the door in blue spawn.
    -Reduced the water level compare to the ground.
  6. A2 Update: Playertest Feedback 2019-06-12

    -Fixed some crates that were non-solid
    -Fixed some clipping to paper screens
    -Fixed some clipping on big fences on B
    -Fixed some clipping with window ledges
    -Fixed weird brushes on point C
    -Fixed grate door trigger on tunnel going to C
    -Fixed the large stairs on D
    -Fixed water level in the D dropdown
    -Changed spawn floors's texture to be less bright
    -Raised roofs of tunnel B and C
    -Removed some lamps in a hallway on C
    -Removed some confusing arrow signs
    -Removed the extra blockdoor between B...
  7. Small update: Edict Count

    -Removed some entities to reduce the edict count.