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Mar 20, 2019
Yosai - A snowy japanese themed payload map with 5 control points

Yōsai is a single-stage Payload map with 5 control points. Yōsai means “fortress” in Japanese which is where the map takes place. Blu is tasked to push the payload through out multiple sections of the japanese stronghold to finally reach Red’s castle to deliver the final blow.

It’s a work in progress and I’ll try to gather some playtest and general feedback to improve it with future updates. Thank you for stopping by.

Credits & Special Thanks

Big thanks to my friend mag with the design and testing of the map. It helped a lot at increasing the development process of Yōsai in general.

  • Content Packs
    • Japanese Content pack by Freyja and E-Arkham (Amazing pack)
    • Japan Expansion Pack by E-Arkham
    • Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark (Very useful)
    • Autumnal Content Pack by Berry (Great overlays)
  • Models
    • Boxing Sack by DioJoestar
    • Coffee Vending Machine and Bonk Machine by boomsta
    • Control Point Holograms by Icarus
    • Revised Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Trees by E-Arkham
    • Re-sign by takabuschik (reskin of the sign_wood_cap model)
    • Snowcart by Tyker
    • Wooden Globe by Chemical Alia
  • Textures
    • Teien Textures by Freyja
    • Snowblends by Void
    • Smooth wood floors by Pocket
    • Team Colored Glass by Crash

Every custom asset used in Yōsai can all be found under the Downloads’s section of TF2Maps.
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Mar 20, 2019
-Fixed some crates that were non-solid
-Fixed some clipping to paper screens
-Fixed some clipping on big fences on B
-Fixed some clipping with window ledges
-Fixed weird brushes on point C
-Fixed grate door trigger on tunnel going to C
-Fixed the large stairs on D
-Fixed water level in the D dropdown
-Changed spawn floors's texture to be less bright
-Raised roofs of tunnel B and C
-Removed some lamps in a hallway on C
-Removed some confusing arrow signs
-Removed the extra blockdoor between B and C
-Removed the gong sound in blue spawn
-Reduced the edict count some more

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Mar 20, 2019
-Added Boxing Sack for blue first spawn (models by DioJoestar)
-Added an elevation area for defense on Point C and E
-Added routes to the middle roof on Point A
-Closed the large west flank on Point A
-Redesign the main route on Point B
-Redesign of Red upper south spawn of Point E
-Removed the grate door in the tunnel of Point C
-Fixed various clipping brushes
-Fixed a couple of displacements
-Fixed stairs on point C

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Mar 20, 2019
Point A
  • Removed front door of the left and right building.
  • Opened windows to help flanking into the buildings.
  • Changed the layout around the blue spawn to correct some sightline issues.

Point B
  • Removed red first respawn and using the second one instead.
  • Removed the rollback mechanic on the ramp.
  • Changed the layout around red old spawn to give more cover for blue team.
  • Changed the upper area of the ramp for additional attack routes.

Point C
  • Added a skybridge to help the lack of highground to defend for RED.

Point D
  • Added wood walls near the ramp for more cover for the cart.
  • Sightlines adjustment with a new building near cap point.

Point E
  • Fixed the ramp alignment on Point E
  • Fixed the stairs being too close from the ceiling.
  • Removed all doors from the low ground areas.
  • Changed the layout to help RED engies setup.

Various other changes
  • Changed the arrow signs management on cap across the map.
  • Cap point timer adjustments.
  • Additional custom prop used: Barrel Crates (longer size) by FGD5

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Mar 20, 2019
Point A
  • Added a building on the left flank.
  • Closed down the uphill areas.
  • Moved the cap point closer to the tunnel.
  • Payload tracks now goes through the buildings.

Point B
  • Added a backroom in the upper floor of the building.
  • Changed the building front layout to be more engineer friendly.
  • Overhaul of the outside area near the payload tracks.
  • Removed the ramps near the entrance.

Point C
  • Added a door further north in the west corridor.
  • Closed down the west door that was too close from RED first spawn.
  • Blocked off the east side area of RED first spawn.
  • Revamped the routes around the RED second spawn.

Point D
  • Added a flank corridor on the north side.
  • Added a platform on the ramp for engineer to build.
  • Closed out the south side area.
  • Replaced the water section with snow.

Point E
  • Closed out the south side area and the bath house.

Other Changes
  • Adjustment of the payload speed to be faster
  • Redone the lighting in various areas.
  • Reduced the added cap time for a faster pace.
  • Replaced the brushes railing with handrails props.
  • Revamped the detailing across the map.

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