Working_Class B4

Werewolf's 2016 April Fools contest entry

  1. Version B4 Update

    • Removed the crusher. When the point is captured the previously allowed class will be gently evicted from the point.
    • Widened the play area around the point.
    • Removed the func_detail remains of the pusher, pulling back the wall away from the point
    • The computer room is now smaller, matching the wall below.
    • Removed one of the trigger_add_tf_player_condition zones, and changed the condition of the remaining zone to...
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  2. Version B3 Update

    Version B3 change log:
    • *TRIAL CHANGE* The map will now tell players which class can capture the point. This is an experimental change and may be removed.
      • The class that is allowed to capture will have a team coloured frame around their class picture.
      • A game_text will appear on screen telling players which class can capture
      • A voice line will also play, narrating the same line as the game_text.
    • Removed the clipping brushes from above...
  3. B2 Update

    • Halved the time to cap (was 8, now 4)
    • Removed the pusher entirely:
      • As well as pushing players off the capture area it was meant to destroy buildings in its path, which it failed to do.
      • The pusher has been replaced with trigger_push brushes to deny entry to disallowed classes.
      • Removed the point_push's that assisted pulling players and items off the point (or the 'gravity well' as @Yrr kept calling them)
      • Disallowed classes are shown a...