Waterfront a1c_21

A small, but fast paced KOTH map.

  1. The Water, Spawn, and Light Update!

    With this update comes quite a bit of changes.

    Change Log: a1c_21
    -The spawn now has its own detailed building. The interior is now proper and the outside looks like an actual building.
    -The spawn has been slightly raised.
    -All randomly placed lights have been replaced with prop lights and have been toned down for optimization.
    -The medium health and ammo kit have been moved up against the fence, while a new set of mediums is now near the dock.
    -The small health kits on the...
  2. Quickpatch #1

    Fixed blue side window. boards did not load in to cover one of them.
  3. Forum check

    Fixed the thread, which mysteriously disappeared.
  4. Rotational Update!

    Change Log: a1c_11
    -Map renamed to Waterfront.
    -Symmetry of map is now rotational.
    -The building up against the point (that had the medium ammo) has been removed.
    -A new building has been placed for flanking around the point.
    -The ammo & health kits near one of the main roots to spawn have been changed to be medium.
    -The house outside of spawn has been raised, it is no longer possible to stand on.
    -A arch has been put in between the house in front of spawn and the wall next t...
  5. Dowload Fix

    Download attachment error fixed.