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  1. Ye Welsh Tabby

    (CONCEPT ART) Louis XIV set for Spy 1

    I finished this within the first few hours of the jam but forgot to upload it here lol As the tag line says, this is a concept art piece for a Spy set based on Louis XIV, one of the most famous French kings. It'd be a two item set, one item being a wig with two styles (removable facial hair)...
  2. Yelta + 옐다

    de_king 1.0

    Objective: Team Red spawns with an intelligence and has 60 seconds to bring it to one of the bomb sites. If Team Blue is able to stop them or can capture the point back in 45 seconds, they win, otherwise the bomb detonates and Red takes the victory (basically CS:GO bomb defusal). A few people...
  3. GGJimmy205

    koth_lyon a1

    This is my first map, I tried to do some cool things, sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.
  4. S

    72hr Koth_Ravine 2016-07-29

    Hello, I'm new(ish) to hammer! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to increase my skills, so here is koth_ravine! It sucks! I'll keep working on this for a while though, and sometime an even better version might come out. Any critiques or advice would be appreciated and even...
  5. SturmTea

    Waterfront a1c_21

    Want to fight for a point awkwardly built over a river? Well, I got you covered! Waterfront is a fast paced single control point map, set in a lumber mill along the river. Pine trees and grass wave in the breeze as you riddle your adversaries with lead. Boats bob and water flows as people are...