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It's "some guy on tf2maps" here, providing the newest update to turntabled!

Changes observed:
* The river dried up. Unfortunate. This does, however, fix the water bug.
* The turntable is now far less ridiculously stupid:
- The dynamic lights have gone missing, which fixes FPS and collision issues
- The framework was removed, which is helpful to players finding themselves stuck.
- The turntable no longer pushes any clients with it or loses money underneath.​
* The map has been semi-flattened, removing some of the ridiculous height advantage RED had.
* Wave 3 has been reverted to Mannhattan EE's wave 3, but replacing the heavies and pyros with a tank. Is it hard enough now?
* Engineers have been issued a flying fee and no longer can build on the top of the map.
* Bots should perform slightly better. Not perfect (yet). No flanks are actually being used yet.
* Turntable now spins between rounds to prevent steamrolling and getting stuck on a potentially unfair route.
* When the tank is destroyed the cp unlocks immediately to allow gatebots to function again.
* Map has been LIT UP because it was TOO DARK
- I think my lighting settings are weird or something because it looks lit up to me but apparently is too dark.​
* The wizard responsible for making the rope physics die has been arrested, so the rope above the turntable should function correctly.
* Fought off an invasion from mvm_example, creeping sneakily into the main map
* Tanks should now spawn from their correct gates.
* The gong makes a noise now, are you happy? :^)

Known issues:
* Waterfall still looks horrible.
* No flanks are being used
* Bots can get stuck in places, unable to figure out a path for a while
* Sometimes bots get stuck at the hatch


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  • - removed some height advantages from earlier sections
  • + added advanced popfile (mannhattan advanced with a twist)
  • + added a twist to the popfile
  • * made sure the existing tank support worked for all three paths
  • * updated nav_avoids
  • * calculated RecomputeBlockers about ten times more than before
  • made screenshots outdated