Medieval Trojan s1a2

The first stage of what will be a three stage medieval payload map

  1. Horse Bucking

    Sonoma Bryer
    |the horse now bucks you off of it if you've been standing on the top of it for too long
    |horse now neighs
    |changed the shape of some roofs

    +added detailing
    +added optimization to areas
  2. Respawn times and other minor adjustments

    Sonoma Bryer
    +added brazier inside side house
    +added health pack near last

    |shortened RED's respawn time
    |changed angle of a rock for more reliable trimping
    |increased size of unstuck trigger inside horse
    |minor texture adjustments
    |other minor changes to gameplay geometry
  3. Detailing and Minor changes

    Sonoma Bryer
    +added a new rollback zone
    +added a ending sequence to where the horse now goes into a cave, to setup for the next stage
    +added several props to allow for scouts to reach areas easier
    +added Lo-Fi
    +added lights to brighten up a couple areas that weren't lit well

    |changed the textures used to mark the cart track
    |changed one ramp to stairs
    |changed the arch doorway slightly


    1. detail.jpg
    2. detail2.jpg
  4. Minor Update

    Sonoma Bryer
    |changed the way the log is faced to make it easier to get out of water
    |added detailing
    |fixed sightline into BLU spawn
    |changed the particles that emit when the cart is moving backwards
    |changed cover around
    |added and fixed clipping around the map
  5. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    Sonoma Bryer
    +added new final area to the first stage
    +added new side route
    +added new tripping route

    -removed BLU flank
    |changed area RED spawns
    |changed the way the Trojan Horse handles player collision
    |changed the former RED spawn into a side route