Trash water A5A

don't pollute, or mother nature will kick your ass!

  1. Twist.vmf
    NOW IN BETA!!!

    Red and Blue just purchased the crappiest river in the good old U.S of A!

    a key feature mane players might not see is the One Chance attack, because the water kills you, you must bring your A game to the frontline or face the trashy truth.

    you probably don't want to go swimming in that (o - o
    20170218194558_1.jpg 20170218194541_1.jpg 20170218194518_1.jpg 20170218194510_1.jpg 20170218194446_1.jpg 20170218194401_1.jpg 20170218194349_1.jpg 20170218194340_1.jpg

    first map of 2017, i feel good about this year!