Plains of quiet A3

Arena map set in a dried up sea bed

  1. Twist.vmf
    “They say there is a mound, far out in the quiet. And in that mound, is water. The water you will need to survive the plains of quiet…”

    RED and BLU have chased far and wide, and have found it, only problem. Only one team can take it.
    Inspired by MAD MAX and the Spacecraft Cemetery. You and your team will duke it out on old rocket ships and mounds of sand.
    This was just a very small side project so i am not taking it too seriously.

    DEV note: this is alpha, and is in need in improvement. Feedback is very welcome!
    20180121100609_1.jpg map_max_3.png 20180125174421_1.jpg 20180125174446_1.jpg