Barn City A3

another koth map, but with a loto silos

  1. Twist.vmf
    Barn city is the product of an existential crisis. And i think it turned out pretty good.

    This is one of my most polished maps i have worked on, although extremely flawed i made sure nothing went without use, almost all rooftops are accessible, and provide great jump spots for soldier.

    Now i realize it is a pretty small map, so ammo and heath was used in every key locations to regulate game play and allow for faster point triads.

    Future testing will help me refine and polished this map to make it as good as it can be.

    So (like usual) All feedback is welcome.
    20180301104135_1.jpg 20180301104150_1.jpg 20180301104235_1.jpg 20180216104548_1.jpg

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