Furious Route A2

what a day, WHAT A LOVELY DAY!

  1. Twist.vmf
    inspired by the film Mad Max Fury Road. this map attempts to recreate the on wheels combat featured in the film.

    Two war-rigs are on the chase for the last of the V8s, but only one can drive away alive! it's kill or be killed (or be banned)

    I've had this idea cooking in my head for a long time now, but after putting it into reality i can definitely say it has a long way to go.

    current content:
    2 War Rigs.
    BASIC V8 interceptor.
    hurt trigger on ground 1000 2000 DAM.
    place holder sounds.
    moving terrain (place holder)

    planned content:

    multiple locations: canyon, open dunes, and sand storm (deadly stage).
    animated Interceptor model.
    custom announcer.
    many explosions.
    screen shake and engine sounds.
    moving ground.
    more cars in the war party.

    any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

    (all i ask is that you play the map before making game play comments)(or don't i'm not your boss))
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Recent Updates

  1. Engine Tune up