traincrossing a3

A variation on the basic ctf mode

  1. The one that made every larger

    - Added a small area between mid and spawn, to make the map a bit larger.
    - All intels are now in the middle spawn, they are no other piles.
    - There is now a 35 second setup time during which the neutral flag is locked, to encourage more midfights.
    - Added indicators to the map. These are physical objects that fill up, showing the leading team and by how many intels they lead. There is in one in spawn, one in the flag capture area and 2 at mid.
    - The bases are now open to air.
  2. Update #2

    • Rebuild spawns, no more 360s.
    • Added an explanation of the mode to spawns
    • Removed announcer spam (hopefully)
    • Light and nobuild to the water paths
    • Reworked the capture zones a bit
    • Updated the hud a little