Train Trap A5A

Here comes the pain train!

  1. RevolutionTeam
    A small project I made where I basically made Snowplow 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    This map's concept actually started at the very start of the Back to Basics contest, where I made some concept sketches and a proof-of-concept map. It was meant to be similar to Snowplow A1's gameplay, where the train could be diverted. Over a vacation, I refined it into a combination of both versions of the train trap mode.

    Well, Hammer had different ideas.

    It proved incredibly difficult to make, and I couldn't take it anymore. So I reached out to TheMrStalin and his joke of a map, Orange Snowplow. He graciously allowed me to decompile the map and use the logic, which I did.

    One of the things that drove me to make the map's layout was that I couldn't make forward spawns with his logic. So, instead, I made it so that the spawns rotate relative to capped points. I'm proud of how I made it work.

    So, now, here it is. An entire summer's worth of work compressed into one terrible package.

    And now, some images.

    20190928095803_1.jpg 20190928095818_1.jpg 20190928095833_1.jpg 20190928095845_1.jpg 20190928095901_1.jpg 20190928095913_1.jpg 20190928095918_1.jpg

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