Train Trap A5A

Here comes the pain train!

  1. The End of the Line

    Fixed the LDR, but I'm no longer going to work on this map.

    I'm going to try another Snowplow-style soon.
  2. Alpha Five

    Will change screenshots soon - they're from A1. Anyways, new stuff.

    - Redesigned E to take place inside a... building. Eh.

    - Opened up a new route into the building next to D, and added a railing... thing... that goes along to the top of the structure.

    - Added a new flank to C.

    - Redesigned B to C area.

    - Opened up a backlot at B.

    - Added new catwalk in the A to B building.

    - Map now uses pass_brickyard's lighting, making it 999% brighter.

    - Reduced Player Enjoyment so low, even the...
  3. Redesigns

    I've made some serious changes to C and D, but let's start with some general changes.

    - Changed the sky to sky_badlands_01.

    - Added an HDR-adjusting logic_auto.

    - Removed Herobrine.

    Now, let's get into the main course of this update:

    - Changed C so that it now takes place at an... out of place... broken-down.... thing?

    - Capturing B now flips RED's spawn instead of C.

    - D now no longer takes place by a cliff, but by a massive brick Spytech building.

    - D is now much better covered by...
  4. Cliffhanger Craziness

    An update to cp_traintrap has been released.

    In this update:

    - Changed RED respawn time on last to make pushing easier.
    - Changed the direction of the Bar's exit stairs.
    - Added doors at the bar.

    - MAJOR Changes to fourth. Here are the highlights::
    - Added flank through RED's old spawn (should probably add a RRVIS)
    - Redesigned the bridge so that you can walk up some side stairs.

    - Added some brush railings on a bridge near second.
    - Made some brushes with the TrainHud on it...
  5. Mad Metal - @bot patch

    A quick patch changing the map so that it can actually be played on's servers.
  6. The Mad Metal Update

    TrainTrap has been updated!

    - Changed the opening song to "Rumble".

    - Added a stupid gate that opens when there's 5 seconds left of setup.

    - Changed the uninspired snowy theme to an even blander grass theme

    - Added some more detail around the edges of the map.

    - Added another stairway to C.

    - Moved E into a smaller shack.

    Notes: Did you expect me to stop updating? God no! I'm taking this map seriously!

    To be honest, I need more feedback on E - how should I change it?