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[Payload] Desert Dazzle A2

Dazzling Destruction similar to Badwater.

  1. RevolutionTeam
    A map inspired by Badwater. BLU discovered RED's three part plan to mind-control Saxton Hale into promoting RED's new video game company; RED (Reliable Entertainment and Design)... because why not? Now BLU has to destroy RED's radio array before the plan goes into action... by not using their silos of missiles; that'd be too simple! Rather, they now have to push a bomb cart to destroy RED's radios before the whole overly complicated plan can go into effect...

    ...because why not?

    This is my first SERIOUS map, and I hope it shows. The Frontline Pack was used for a whole lot of the buildings.

    • Detail and Displace.
    • Update images.
    • Remove that hidden message nobody will find.
    • Clipping.
    • Intro video... because reasons.

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