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  1. ethosaur

    Hikikomori Mall a1

    Even we need to go shopping sometimes... Even if the mall is... rather strange. Just another weird map by yours truly, basically made for fun, there is nothing else to it really, hope you enjoy either way. This is an early version of the map, and may have some issues associated with it, I may...
  2. B

    Multi Stage cp_dustbowl_yellowbarrel 1.0

    From View: Literally just cp_dustbowl, but with that one specific red barrel now changed to a yellow one. Enjoy.
  3. Le_TINTOUIN #Save-TF2

    Blank disguise for spy 2022-07-25

    This is just a fine blank disguise for you to put anything on ! Enjoy ! See my profile picture for application.
  4. Альберто

    Parody cover "Poster" 2022-07-24

    Это пародия на обложку фильма Форсаж 7
  5. HameLeonB

    screenshot meme 2022-07-23

    Surrounded by everyone you can
  6. CriticalFeesh

    Demopan loadout on the ground 1.0

    Demopan is by far my most favorite meme subclass. So I drew the loadout with cosmetics! Drew this in MS paint 3D. Here is my steam account:
  7. Technochips

    vip_upward v4

    You've heard of vip_badwater, now get ready for vip_upward. This is just pl_upward, but instead of a bomb there's the Civilian. Now, this map doesn't have a final control point, and instead have a huge welcoming pit at the end. I'm sure you'll figure out where the Civilian should go. Features...
  8. ethosaur

    Tower_of_power v4

    WELCOME... to the TOWER OF POWER... yet another weird TF2 map by me, made in an absolute stupor, in the past week, originally meant to upload on april fools, but missed deadline sadly. Anyway, the TOWER OF POWER! Its time to climb it, and witness... some strange things. This tower goes high...
  9. hondjo

    Downward f1

    Are you tired of the same old upward again and again? Do you need something new and exciting yet reliable and dependable? Then come on over to Downward! On Downward you see the BLU team pushing the cart down the hill to reach the RED team's base, however will the RED team be able to stop it...
  10. Ansanie

    Bees Make Honey... 2021-12-20

    I do not regret that I made this poster.
  11. Blankoy

    Demoman TF2 2021-12-19

    This is a short video I whipped up in around an hour and half for the jam. Sorry it's not the most clever or polished idea wise but I've been busy, hopefully it's high quality enough to make the cut. Youtube link for those who do not wish to download it: (rightfully so) View...
  12. Tymeggs

    Hell Zone 2021-10-11

    meet Hell Zone: the worst TF2 map ever made! It's so bad that some classes cannot function here at all!
  13. ChaosL100

    Map Too full?

    I'm going to make this quick. While back I stopped working on the map from my previous post to make a more simplified version. So instead of a big mashup its just going to be 2 maps. So moving forward some. I made it. Problem I'm having now is I still have an entire half of one map to add before...
  14. Whomobile

    bot boxing V4

    This is a map I made for a livestream, it's sole purpose is to show 4 heavies punching each other. For some reason RED wins more than BLU, don't know why. Techincally a King of the Hill map but I removed the logic that starts the timer to make the game go on forever. PS: navmesh is now zipped...
  15. Lem Mem

    Slipgate A5

    This map will no longer be worked on because its bad Slipgate is an Attack Defend map with 3 capture points. The "gimmick" of the map is that instead of many hallways and rooms connecting the points, they are linked with teleports. The points are all distinct and interesting, and there are 2...
  16. mr. piggy business

    pl_peter_griffin rc_2

    hey lois i am a tf2 map lois i really dont know why i made this it is non functional right now it has leaks so dont download yet i will update when it is functioning
  17. Vroxim

    Scout turns himself into a steak! final

    An entry for the 72hour jam! Decided to make something fun, and a slight reference to a certain show, in a neat comic-ish way. ;D Took around 2 and a half hours to make but I think it was worth it. Happy to participate and hope everybody else has fun with whatever they make as well!
  18. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    (72 hr) Orange Space Plaza Event A2

    Made for the 2019 Summer 72hr jam! So for a while now I've been wanting to try to make a "playable" version of these 2 maps, and I had the idea to combine them for the Jam, so here's this map. The goal is to collect hats and bring them to the...
  19. Klowwd

    jump_camo a1

    This is the map I made for the jam. It has 7 levels that were made with simple brushwork but designed to be very difficult. I would say this is a t8-9 demo airpogo map. Have fun!
  20. Chuck_TF

    Rise Up Jammers (72 hour jam 2019 entry) 2019-08-04

    This is probably one of the most cursed things I've ever created...