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TF2 Fanfiction "No Quick-Fix For the Common Cold"

  1. sailorsilvanesti
    As fanfiction is allowed, here is my vague contribution to the TF2Jam Winter 2017.

    "No Quick-Fix for the Common Cold" [link to fic on AO3]

    Summary: Scout is unwell after a Smissmas visit home. Medic attempts to do his medical duty... but is stonewalled; as the majority of the team are still rather loathe to trust him, given that the physician betrayed them by siding with the Classics in far-too-recent events.

    The basic idea for this was dreamt up before Issue #6 was released, so it does not include the redemption arc. It was interesting to try and put into words the complex scenario in my head, with a time limit; so the challenge was fun.

    I hope you like it.


    Was unclear whether I needed to post it in its entirety here, or not. Let me know. It's a tad large.

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