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  1. xCape

    Seeking mappers for a big winter-themed event! Can pay.

    Hello fellow map creators! If you are a map creator looking to improve your skills, get new connections and more, read along! I'm looking for someone who can help us create a map for a large event we are planning to host around the end of the year. My vision of the map is that it's like a large...
  2. Le_TINTOUIN #Save-TF2

    Blank disguise for spy 2022-07-25

    This is just a fine blank disguise for you to put anything on ! Enjoy ! See my profile picture for application.
  3. SoupGuy7

    Scout's Drink 1

    Scout has a drink in Badwater Basin spawn room. My Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SoyBoy7/
  4. Matracina

    TF2 Scene

    Maden in garry's mod for 72 hours jam. All was done by myself : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2840144942
  5. Ye Welsh Tabby

    (CONCEPT ART) Louis XIV set for Spy 1

    I finished this within the first few hours of the jam but forgot to upload it here lol As the tag line says, this is a concept art piece for a Spy set based on Louis XIV, one of the most famous French kings. It'd be a two item set, one item being a wig with two styles (removable facial hair)...
  6. Matracina

    TF2 art 2022-07-25

    Maden in garry's mod for 72 hours jam. All was done by myself : https://steamcommunity.com/id/matracina/?utm_source=SteamLadder.com
  7. NL_TS47

    Support Minions 2022-07-25

    Sniper, Medic, and Spy as Minions Drawn by https://steamcommunity.com/id/NL_TS47/
  8. Pst

    Cringe and Flex in competitive 1337

    Just funny video xd Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyVwwEjikoAX5C5k0ganawA Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pst16/
  9. Kowalo

    Infiltrator 2022-07-24

    Heat vision mask for Spy. 72hr Jam entry Concept by Le Bruhe Model and texture by Kowalo
  10. Ninja with standards

    Fair n' Square v.1

    Misc cosmetic for Spy Paintable ______________________________________ Made for TF2 72hr Jam 2022 Modelling and compiling shenanigans- Snek https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ninja_with_standards https://tf2maps.net/members/ninja-with-standards.29618/ Textures, images and editing - Umbrella...
  11. ProGaMEr110521

    TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style 2022-07-24

    TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style This is a TF2 poster stylysed in minecraft-like style. All the resources were made by ProGaMEr110521 and Grenka(Map, Knife, Skin, Briefcase, portcigar, Hats. The poster was made in several steps. 1. Idea - Creating the idea 2. Preparing...
  12. AY | MooseGuy

    Birthday Drawing 1

    My birthday was on the 23rd, and I drew some of my favorite mercs celebrating
  13. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦


    My entrie for the TF2 SUMMER JAM 2022 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/g8WYqK
  14. ✧:9 LE

    I painted the emblems of my 3 favorite classes. 1

    I bought paint for the first in my life solely for this year's 72 Hour Jam, and I had a blast doing it. I also figured out rather quickly that I do not have the patience for art, so massive creds to all artists out there, working for commissions or on their own volition. I decided to put the...
  15. Buic

    Knifeball A2

    The sequel to stabfest, knifeball! Play football(?) with knives and murder!
  16. MINE_

    Lady Killer Spy 2022-07-23

  17. HameLeonB

    screenshot meme 2022-07-23

    Surrounded by everyone you can
  18. Qu1Zz1337

    Spyfall 1

    This poster is a parody on skyfall. The movie that i enjoy, and it is a bit of a meme about spies that usually play with such a high score in casual. I THINK ITS FUNNY)) I'm not the best poster creator, but i think that this one looks pretty good. I was doing it just in case that this JAM is...
  19. Stakan VoDki

    A desert full of interesting things 2022-07-23

    The heavy one is standing on the altar while the spy is doing something. helped with this Baron | Skull DemoPanovich skyyfine
  20. CactusK1ng

    Spy Posing 1

    True MannCo Catalogue