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  1. Sonoma

    Better Call Conagher v1

    Hi, I'm Dell Conagher, did you know you have sentries? PDA says you do, and so do I. Special Thanks: @Phe for posing the Engineer
  2. Ga63N ._.

    Excellent Warmup for blue team Version 1?

    I can’t tell much about this work, since it was my first experience with SFM. The main idea of this poster was the idleness of the blue team while preparing for the fight against the red team.
  3. Will Smith

    Engineer gaming 0.001

    Especially for the TF2jam Creativity Festival!
  4. Pocket_Deer

    EngiDeer is EngiHere! 1.0

    Is that some art, for, of course, Jam and Prof.Killstreak Grenadelauncher
  5. Fromgaypotam

    Battle Engie robot 2022-07-25

    A robot with gibus, Frontier Justice and minisentry! What could be more beautiful?
  6. RicePrezPip

    [Concept Art] The Lone Stranger 2022-07-24

    I thought Orville Peck's mask was a really unique and interesting design so I thought to myself 'what would it look like if it was in TF2?' and drew what came to mind. I was originally going to make it only for the Engineer, but friends of mine who helped me nail the shape of the hat...
  7. Alfredo

    The painted engineer 2022-07-23

    Take it like a man, shorty.
  8. HameLeonB

    screenshot meme 2022-07-23

    Surrounded by everyone you can
  9. Nice Guy

    Little gun 2022-07-23

    Im new to this event so I dont know if im doing this right. There is nothing much to explain other than that this is a fanmade character mashup of enginner and Jules from Fortnite. I hope my entry is accepted.
  10. Der Erzähler

    TF2-Rayman Legends Soundtrack - Mariachi Madness (Eye of the Tiger) 2022-07-23

    Music video featuring tf2 characters to music from rayman legends Mariachi Madness (Eye of the Tiger) using taunts.
  11. nikolay0604☭ #savetf2

    Recreation in the forest 2022-07-23

    Что может быть лучше отдыха на природе?
  12. @Psycho on Steam

    The Founding Fathers v2 2

    All 3 American classes (Scout from Boston, Enginner from Texas, Soldier from the midwest) posing in front of an American flag + a distorted TV scroll/glitch effect.
  13. @Psycho on Steam

    The Founding Fathers 1

    All 3 American classes posing in front of a USA flag + a glitch effect.
  14. Uncle Grandpa

    Road in the future 2022-07-22

    Hello I haven’t made posters for a long time, my hands have lost the habit of such work, but I tried to make everything beautiful, so.. ye I hope you will like it :)
  15. lilongwe

    Engineer Street 2022-07-22

    Summer 72hr Jam submission Based on a street in UK (Greater Manchester)
  16. e1ectro

    The Mind Blowing Adventure: Engi - Robot killer. 1

    An engineer killed during a 2 hour game on 2fort. He was taken to the hospital, where he was made into a cyber soldier in order to destroy the robots. The video shows the upgrade process.
  17. EmperorFaiz

    Raisin for Steak Griller 1.1

    Grill and chill with a propane-powered, last-minute built griller. FEATURES Team-colored and higher-res texture Jigglebones Powered by propane instead of the bastard gas, butane.
  18. 1AsianPanda

    A BLU Christmas 2021-12-19

    Here's a poster I made of my 4 most played classes as blu mercs enjoying a nice Christmas together. I chose not to use any cosmetics as I think they just look better with their default look. It's been a while since I last touched sfm, and while I had some problems, I'm really happy at how it...

    Engineer Portrait 2021-12-19

    The Height of Masculinity. Submitted for the 2021 Winter Jam.
  20. cruster®

    Mousepad RED Engineer 2021-12-19

    This is my artwork based on RED Engineer made by Big Green Pepper from Valve Store. I have done it in MS Paint. It came out more abstractly than I originally planned, but I hope that you will like it ;)