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  1. Ly0ha

    Demo on vacation 2022-07-25

    My first work
  2. Skeletonik

    Demoman 2022-07-23

    Я просто делаю большого подрывника. Он любит бомбы. Да, это просто большое демо!
  3. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    failed reading message svc_ServerInfo from unknown.

    I got "failed reading message svc_ServerInfo from unknown." in the console before the demo for my map being playtested on the US server just crashed. It looks like there was some sort of error in the demo and it was cut short to 20 seconds, only having 2.4 mb of size. Does anyone have any idea...
  4. Yaki

    Making a Pipe Grenade with Hammer Entities V1

    WHAT'S THIS PREFAB FOR? Did you know that tf_projectile_pipe deals no damage when spawned in a map by itself? Did you also know that tf_point_weapon_mimic can shoot pipes, but when tf_point_weapon_mimic is sent the Kill input while a grenade is active, the grenade deals no damage? This prefab...
  5. Tails8521

    Coldmaps: generate heatmaps from demo files

    Instructions: Download: Download your demos from Heatmaps can be useful to improve your layout by having an overview of where most of the fights happen in your map and knowing if...
  6. Vroxim

    Scout turns himself into a steak! final

    An entry for the 72hour jam! Decided to make something fun, and a slight reference to a certain show, in a neat comic-ish way. ;D Took around 2 and a half hours to make but I think it was worth it. Happy to participate and hope everybody else has fun with whatever they make as well!
  7. S

    demo request

    So, I heard you can manually request demo's and seeing as the demo server's been down for all eternity I thought I could kindly request for any demos from pl_courtyard_mk1 ?
  8. B

    Demo site non-functional?

    My map was play tested earlier and I wanted to view the demo, but when I click on "view demos" the site loads but no demos are shown. Is the site broken or is it on my end?
  9. Legoformer1000

    Desert Rangers

    My entry to 72 Hour Jam 2018 This is a scenebuild that I built in around ~12 hours, thats pretty much it
  10. TheKlin

    Demo vs Scouts 2017-08-07

    Hello, I made browser game in Construct 2. Introducing: Demo vs Scouts. Playable version >Here<, source code submited. Coding by me, graphics by Tyt00s Warning for headphones users, sounds are to loud. Tough with time.
  11. Dirtbomb

    Scout Driver 72hr 2017-08-07

    My third time doing this amazing event. Loved making this for my weekend
  12. Hayde

    Forgotten Knight 2017-08-05

    I have had the sketch for this drawing for a time, a friend told me about the 72 hour tf2 jam so I decided to make it. The concept is based on the art of Hugo Richard mixed with the forgotten king cosmetics. I hope to finish another drawing before the deadline :)
  13. Morphe

    Demoman Sitting in the Rain 2017-08-05

  14. [Soap] SteelCroix

    Where does tf2maps save your demo?

    I can't remember ;-;
  15. sailorsilvanesti

    72hr TF2 Fanfiction

    As fanfiction is allowed, here is my vague contribution to the TF2Jam Winter 2017. "No Quick-Fix for the Common Cold" [link to fic on AO3] Summary: Scout is unwell after a Smissmas visit home. Medic attempts to do his medical duty... but is stonewalled; as the majority of the team are still...
  16. Machelix

    72hr "Until Next Year" 2017-02-13

    A Source Filmmaker Machinima made within the 72 hours. Further description of the video itself can be found in the YouTube link provided. I hope you all enjoy it for what it is.
  17. NeoDement

    De-Construction Worker 2017-02-13

    De-Construction Worker It's a cosmetic set for Demoman. I was planning on making it anyway, but the idea of forcing myself to do it in a 72 hour window was appealing. I chose to do it with this set in particular because of it's deceivingly simple nature. It actually ended up being...
  18. OverPovered

    72hr Delirious Detonator 1.0

    Made by OverPovered, K_Factor, and Blastel. OP: model, sculpt K_Factor: texture, hlmv shots Blastel: 16:9 SFM promo. The mod replaces Demoman's fro. I've included a steam workshop link.
  19. Devoed

    Go BLU team! 2017-02-12

    Hope you like this little SFM i made e.e
  20. Rocket

    72hr Action Demo 2017-02-12

    Hello! This is my second sfm I've made for the 72hr jam. Took me about 3 hours (Mostly because I'm lazy) and about 30 minutes to edit. So far this is one of my favorite sfm posters I've made yet.