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  1. El Roodrigo

    72hr Jam 2023 Polyfortress 2 1

    Just a simple poster based on a meme.. it as a friend idea
  2. djohar neselimsky'

    72hr Jam 2023 desert sniper 2023-09-17

    links: - Piece of Cloth - Mayflower Cosmetics...
  3. Taumuraz ζ͜͡ ★

    72hr Jam 2023 TF2 My Sniper loadout 2023-09-17

    My loadout on the sniper, which I drew for 6 hours. My first work for this event. My steam Link
  4. piss gaming

    72hr Jam 2023 Still Standing 2

    just a little sfm of most likely wounded soldier being in sniper's sightline
  5. MDMA

    72hr Jam 2022 TF2 crossbow 1.0

    TF2 crossbow for sniper class. 3D modeling in 4 hours. I couldn't start earlier and this is what I was able to do. I don't have enough time to make the arrow.
  6. Corvalho

    72hr Jam 2022 Sucker's Mug 1.0

    Cosmetic Beard for the sniper Features: • Original Concept • 3 LODs • Facial Animation Flex Credits: Corvalho: Model Production Muhai: Concept Art LazerSofa: Concept Assistance Myahster: Idea Mod Download:
  7. Sgt. Pinecone

    72hr Jam 2022 sniper 2022-07-24

  8. YuSher

    72hr Jam 2022 Hitman's Heatmaker 1

    I and my friends Scorch and Bonjabo took part in tf2 jam for the first time. In 2 days we made a cosplay for a rifle from tf2, but the preparation of materials and drawings began much earlier. Since I already had experience working with metal, I took over this part of the work. Scorch did all...
  9. billmorbingtime

    72hr Jam 2022 Coffee at 2Fort 2022-07-24

    sniper having some coffee at 2Fort
  10. DudeTheNinja

    72hr Jam 2022 Minecraft-Styled Sniper Stock Weapons Release

    Last jam, I made the Classic in a style reminiscent of modern Minecraft 3D-modeled items (like the Trident, the Spyglass, etc). This year, I decided to one-up myself and make not one, but three models in the same timespan - all of the Sniper's stock weapons (Sniper Rifle, SMG and Kukri)! All...
  11. ✧:9 LE

    72hr Jam 2022 I painted the emblems of my 3 favorite classes. 1

    I bought paint for the first in my life solely for this year's 72 Hour Jam, and I had a blast doing it. I also figured out rather quickly that I do not have the patience for art, so massive creds to all artists out there, working for commissions or on their own volition. I decided to put the...
  12. Hoka

    72hr Jam 2022 snoipah 2022-07-24

    Decided to draw sniper for the jam as his the one merc i haven't drawn here's my steam account:
  13. Obilisk

    72hr Jam 2022 #1 Sniper trophy

    I wanted to finally try and learn to model a 3D object for TF2. So I did a test by making a trophy for the Sniper. Unfortunately I couldn't get it working for SFM or TF2, hence why the render is straight out of Maya. Either way, a fun time indeed! Will be looking at trying to get it working in...
  14. spidermastermind100

    72hr Jam 2022 Close buddies on summer vacation 2022-07-24

    Soldier and Demo discuss about latest TF2 update changes, mostly about Iron Bomber's projectile hitbox size fixed, while at beach with Pyro shark chasing Sniper bot cheater in the water. plus it's my #72HourJam this 2022's year entry :D Using Garry's Mod and started at 23rd July at midnight and...
  15. † Linger †

    72hr Jam 2022 Mission Failed 2022-07-23

    the sniper, as the best mercenary, was given a reconnaissance mission, but something went wrong
  16. Mr.Raid

    72hr Jam 2022 Sniper art 2022-07-23

    I hope you enjoy my art. <3
  17. Demetriss Dragstone

    72hr Jam 2022 Jungle light 2022-07-22

    A sniper who travels the world and seeks various adventures, admires the beauty of the world and generally lives life to the fullest. In this poster (made in Gmod), he is looking at the light from the ceiling where various vegetation grows. (I also processed a little in Photoshop, there were...
  18. Unusual Pretzel

    Arena_snipertowers_1 1

    A simple arena map with sniper towers no cp basically a deathmatch map
  19. NamelessMiss3041

    Skelebutt a1

    a balanced map , 2 sides with a centre point and a hill my first map, still learning in alpha
  20. Bonk Nickeltoon

    LEGO Sniper Weapons: The Classic and Bushwacka! 2021-12-20

    Man, these were toughies, but here they are! Some weapons for the Sniper made entirely out of LEGO using Studio 2.0! Both the Classic, and Bushwacka use bricks that are only real color bricks (no fake or custom colors/bricks!).